Divine by Design | About The Work
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WordPress with Soul

My specialty is WordPress. I’ve been creating WordPress Websites for the last 3+ years, with an additional 10+ years prior to that coding HTML.

WordPress is an incredible Content Management Tool, and currently there are many thousands of High Quality, Professional, Premium Templates for WordPress that can be customized specially to meet your vision.

My skills are in Graphic Design & WordPress Customization; taking your Site to the Next Level and bringing your own unique Soulful Aesthetic into the site.

Magnetic Intent

My intention is to create a website that expresses your deeper intent; your soulful intent. Using the magic of beauty, I intend to call forth the deepest vision of what your work desires to express through your website. Let your website more powerfully evoke the hidden language of your heart.

My goal is that your website be artful, captivating, magnetic, clean, professional & gorgeous.

User Friendly Content Management

Another goal is that your website be easy for You to Own, Understand, Control & Use! WordPress is a great, easy middle-of-the-road CMS (Content Management System) for lay people, aka non-techies. I have found that most of my clients are able to learn the system of their WordPress website; to be able to edit & update content all on their own. This is empowering & liberating for all website owners!

WordPress is also currently the most popular CMS online, and millions of websites use WordPress to operate sites that are modern with advanced functionality. (including the site you see right here!)

Skills & Abilities

    • WordPress Template Customization
    • Graphic & Print Media Design
    • HTML
    • Social Networking (Facebook + Youtube + Twitter) Integration
    • Web 2.0
    • Mailchimp Email Newsletter Integration
    • Basic Paypal E-Commerce Set-up
    • Content Management
    • Content Editing & Organization
    • Web Hosting Tech Support
    • Email Address Set-up