Divine by Design | About The Process
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About The Process

Setting Up a Website requires a fair amount of tedious, time intensive work – and as an Artist, the way I create websites requires Soulful Inspiration. As though the screen were my canvas, I paint using pixels to create an artistic expression of your Vision Essence.

In a way, my work is Shamanic, in that I have discovered that my inspiration does not just come instantaneously. I have to grow ripe and pregnant with your website. Our spirits have to dance in the dreamtime and co-mingle over a period of time, in order for the energies to align to channel a creation that embodies the soul of your creativity.

If you are impatient – seeking a Fast & Immediate completion of your website Now, I suggest you learn how to breathe and have patience with the process. I have discovered that I don’t work fast until the energy is ripe and ready for each specific website project. Once the energy is ready and available, I spend hours every day obsessing over every little detail.. But I have to become pregnant with your vision, it has to grow like a seed within me until it’s ready to burst forth.

What I Need to Begin the Process:

    • An Initial Consultation
    • A Vision of the Scope of Your Project
    • The Purpose of Your Site
    • Functionalities You Need
    • Images & Colors that Inspire You