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Welcome to Divine By Design, the Web & Graphic Design Portfolio of Wahkeena Sitka. I am a Web & Graphic Designer – located in Ashland, Oregon.

As an Artist with an over-abundance of creative energy & inspiration, I am a Singer-SongwriterVocalist, Writer, Web & Graphic Designer, Therapeutic Bodyworker, Mystic, & Sound Healer. I am a Muse of the Soul.

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Tech Geek + Soulful Artist = Pixel Bender

I have 16 years of experience with graphic design & layout of Print Media and 13 years of experience tweaking Web Design Code. I am proficient in Photoshop, HTML, CSS, & WordPress. I currently use WordPress exclusively for my website projects, and am able to customize most WordPress Templates to custom fit your unique vision. I am able to create customized Flyers & Business Cards, as well!

I have been a devoted & mega loyal Apple Computer fanatic since 1995, and currently I use a Macbook Pro and I do all my work exclusively using Apple computers. Since 1996, I’ve probably built at least 100 or more websites, and I’ve probably owned nearly 2 dozen domains.

The Beauty Way

I believe in ‘The Beauty Way‘ – the way of life in which EVERYTHING IS INFUSED WITH BEAUTY. In this current day and age in which everything is so drab, linear-lined, bland, grey, and heart-less, I feel that creativity and beauty is an absolutely ESSENTIAL element in the transformation of our modern society into one that is sustainable and embodies the highest intentions. Beauty, Joy, Creativity, & Unique Funkiness are the healing antidotes to Strip Malls, Flat White Walls, Big Box Stores and Websites that are just BLAND, Ugly and Cluttered.

I am interested in creating beautiful aesthetics in all that I do, and that eye for Beauty, Design & Aesthetics informs all aspects of my life, including – creating Sacred Temple Space in Homes, making gemstone necklaces, creating eye catching, creative & zen-beautiful Websites, and in my Print Design projects.

My Web & Graphic Design reflects my devotion to the Divine and to the Sacred. I feel that all aspects of reality are a manifestation of sacred oneness, and all manifestations can become embodiments of the divine. The divine feeds reality and in.joys Beauty that nourishes hearts and souls back to the essential nature of Divine Essence. Zen Temples & Gardens reflect this truth, that we are deeply impacted & nourished by the energy of beauty in our surroundings – as our surroundings have deep impact on our energy, our feelings & emotions, our vitality, sense of wellbeing and inspired connection to Life. The vision and creativity I feed into my web design projects seek to invoke that meditative quality of essence, stillness and beauty.

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