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Welcome to Divine By Design, the Web & Design Portfolio of Wahkeena Sitka. I am a Web & Graphic Designer – located in Ashland, Oregon. This website you are looking at right now is completely made through using WordPress.

As an Artist with an over-abundance of creative energy & inspiration, I am also a vocalist, writer, bodyworker, sound healer, gemstone jewelry designer, and I love creating sacred spaces & altars.

I am a one-person Biz.. Completely independent, working completely on my own. I work on a First Come, First Serve basis. My ability to work is totally based upon my availability from week to week.

I’m a Pixel Pusher

I have 15 years of experience with graphic design & layout of Print Media and 13 years of experience tweaking Web Design Code. I am proficient in Photoshop, HTML, CSS, WordPress & Myspace Layout Customization. I currently use WordPress exclusively for my website projects, and am able to customize most WordPress Templates to custom fit your unique vision. I am able to create customized Flyers & Business Cards, as well!

I have been a devoted & mega loyal Apple Computer fanatic since 1995, and currently I own a brand new Macbook Pro and I do all my work exclusively using Apple computers.

Prayer Through Pixels

I believe in ‘The Beauty Way’ – the way of life in which EVERYTHING IS INFUSED WITH BEAUTY. In this current day and age in which everything is so drab, linear-lined, bland, grey, and heart-less, I feel that creativity and beauty is an absolutely ESSENTIAL element in the transformation of our modern society into one that is sustainable and has the highest intentions. Beauty, Joy, Creativity, & Unique Funkiness are the healing antidotes to Strip Malls, Flat White Walls, Big Box Stores and Websites that are just BLAND.

I am interested in creating beautiful aesthetics in all that I do, and that eye for Beauty, Design & Aesthetics informs all aspects of my life, including – creating Sacred Temple Space in Homes, making gemstone necklaces, creating eye catching, creative & zen-beautiful Websites, and in my Print Design projects.

My Web Design and Sacred Space design reflects my devotion to the Divine and to the Sacred. I feel that all aspects of reality are a manifestation of sacred oneness, and all manifestations can become embodiments of the divine. The divine feeds reality and in.joys Beauty to feed hearts and souls back to the essential nature of the Divine Essence. Zen Temples & Gardens reflect this truth, that we are fed by the energy of beauty in our surroundings – as our surroundings have deep impact on our energy, our feelings & emotions, our vitality, sense of wellbeing and inspired connection to Heart-Centered Reality. The vision and creativity I feed into my web design projects seek to invoke that meditative quality of essence, stillness and beauty.

Web & Graphic Design Background

In response to the Frequently Asked Question of :: “How Did you Get Into Doing Webdesign? Did you Study it in School?

In College, I was a Liberal Arts student and I received my B.A. in History & Women’s Studies, and more recently I completed 10 Months of Massage School at the Ashland Institute of Massage. I have NEVER taken ANY CLASSES for Graphic Design or Web Design.

I began with print media design as the Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper when I was 15 years old. I began doing layout with Adobe Pagemaker on really old late 80s Macs. During this time, I became obsessed with Fonts, creative layout design, and B&W Photography. Simultaneously I became completely obsessed with the burgeoning Internet, during its early years in 1996 & 1997, just as I was completing high school. When I began college in fall of 1997, I became seriously completely obsessed with the Internet, and for the next 6 years completely self taught myself HTML. I began with Tripod.com in 1997 & 1998 and had two tripod sites, and then moved onto buying my own domain, coding my own HTML, beginning with Tables & Frames.

Over the years, my understanding of pixels, tables, HTML coding, etc, improved and got better, albeit slowly because I was completely intuitively self-taught, and absorbing other people’s HTML code by looking at “View – Source”. Over the years, I have owned probably near a dozen web domains, and probably made over 40 websites, although I really have no idea.

My understanding of Photoshop developed gradually over the years as well. However, in the recent years, I noticed the explosion of the current CSS revolution and I realized I would either die in the dinosaur age of HTML or evolve to the next level. In 2008, I designed my final HTML site, and the laborious process of putting that together made me want to throw in the towel & be done with web design all together and leave it for the modern geniuses of CSS.

But finally, I became inspired by Michael Divine and the website he built for Sofiah Thom using WordPress. This inspired me to take a gamble and thus I dabbled in building my first WordPress site in Fall of 2008. Simultaneously, I finally discovered “Brushes” and “Templates” – this has allowed a whole new level of my design work to evolve. I am so grateful for the new design toolsets, but most importantly: WordPress! I’ve finally begun making print media – Flyers & Business Cards – this year as well.