Divine Playground

We have just completed and launched the website for my dear friend, Lila Cari Bivona. Her site, DIVINE PLAYGROUND, is one of the most bright & vivid websites I’ve ever made, ever. The electric pinks, rainbow colors & lime greens are just leaping & vibrating off the computer screen. She specifically wanted the site to be vibrant, extremely colorful, fun and playful. The site really evokes her vibe which is similarly joyful and playful. She is promoting Events & Retreats that feature Fire Toys, Flow Toys, Dance & Jedi Activation – with an upcoming retreat this spring in Bali!

I am infinitely pleased with this gorgeous website, it really screams Fun!

See More! DivinePlayground.org

Light Essence

Recently we just completed and launched the website for my dear beloved Soul Sister, Stacy Darby. Stacy is a Massage Therapist in Portland, Oregon, and I am just in LOVE with the look and vibe of her new site. It’s so warm, inviting, rich, yet soft and gentle. It is just Glowing… Enjoy!

Check Out: LightEssence.org

2011 In Review!

Wow! We’re already more than a week into 2012, and the new year feels fresh with new energies, coupled with new projects beckoning & new clients knocking on my inbox… So, I thought I’d take a moment to just give gratitude for all my clients in 2011 and all the projects that I got to work on.

There were some really exciting projects I was honored to work on, and so I’d like to pay tribute to all my clients & work in 2011. And I must just exclaim my utter amazement that I get to work on creating sites for so many Talented Artists, Empowered Women who are Rocking their Dreams, Light Workers & Healers; they are all Amazing & Inspiring People.

The year started off with launching two major websites that both took months of gestating to create. First was the HARMONIC VISIONS site, which we launched in winter of 2011. Harmonic Visions is the website of Karyn Armstrong, a shamanic practitioner and workshop facilitator in Portland, Oregon. I absolutely adore the warm egyptian vibes, beckoning in ancient wisdom through the webpage.

Next we launched the website for the insanely talented vocalist AMAE LOVE. I am still totally in love with the look, colors and aesthetics of Amae’s website. The deep purples, peacock feathers and golden tones create such a vibrant look that is just popping off the screen. This is easily one of my favorite pieces of work from last year. & I’ll be honest, it took months of revisions, multiple templates, & patience – until we created this purple perfection.

In the spring of 2011, I began the process of creating the website for COLLEEN BUTANEY – a performance artist vocalist & empowerment guide from Massachusetts. We launched the site in time for her CD Release Party and the release of her new album – Return of the Alchemist.

Also in the spring, I set up a gorgeous & simple website for the newly created GODDESS TEMPLE OF ASHLAND. The Goddess Temple is a geodesic dome located at the Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland, Oregon – for the honoring and devotion of the Divine Mother and Divine Feminine.

In the summer of 2011, I began working with Yaffa Rosenthal to create her site for SACRED TOUCH FOUNDATION – which we Just Launched today. But it was a big project that slowly evolved throughout 2011, and I’m so pleased with this gorgeous result. I love the sensuous flow, the soothing purples and soft, relaxing vibe.

Over the summer, I created two sites for clients that I didn’t do as much design work on. I don’t include these in my portfolio, because these were not creative design projects; they were focused on getting the content up fast. I set up a site for STELLAR CONNECTIONS – an educational organization devoted to Spiritual Growth. And I set up a site for MADESI VALLEY RANCH a piece of sacred land in Northern California, set aside for a future eco-community.

My most exciting website project of 2011 began this summer, when Boris asked me to set up a site for LUCID DESIGN TECHNOLOGY – Which we launched just in time for their first festival performance at Earthdance Norcal. This site forced me to go more masculine and create something uniquely modern & futuristic. I’m super proud of this site; the look is amazing & visionary.

I was honored to set up a gorgeous website for a lady named Daniella White who creates Tribal & Art Deco Headdresses – her work is called THE PLUMED SERPENT. The site is high fashion meets visionary power adornments for the head. Check out her incredible work.

This fall I remodeled Robyn Lynn’s website for THE PRESENT SENSE. She is a conscious sexuality coach & sexual empowerment teacher, recently re-located in Marin.

Also this fall I set up a site for VIRTUAL PLANET MEDIA – a local Southern Oregon Media group focused on documentaries and Public Television.

I’m also proud to say that I completely remodeled my VOCAL ALCHEMY site, took my WAHKEENA SITKA website to the next level and made it a powerful blog / social networking integrated website, and completely overhauled my DIVINE BY DESIGN portfolio site and made it into even a more robust portfolio – utilizing a state of the art WordPress Portfolio template.

I’ve also done some print design for several clients, including flyers and business cards. And I’m Really Excited about some new website projects that are in the works right now, soon to be launched in 2012! I’m working on sites for two amazing power goddesses: Aradia Sunseri & Ruby Orion Gayatri Bloom. As well there are other projects in the verge of being created and launched.

Look forward to more projects on the way.. And I send my infinite gratitude for the abundance of work, love, co-creativity, compassionate understanding, and play with all my clients along the way. THANK YOU!

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Sacred Touch Foundation

We just launched the website for Yaffa Rosenthal today! This has been a slow undertaking, so I’m super excited to see this done and up.

check out Sacred Touch Foundation

Harmonic Visions

The brand new website for Karyn Armstrong’s shamanic practice has finally launched! You know, websites like this prove to me that it’s all a matter of ‘divine timing’ and ‘letting go and letting god(dess)’ – we began phase one of this website project in May & June of 2010, and it’s taken almost 9 months to get the site to come to completion. I’d fully let go of it until 2 weeks ago, Karyn finally felt the strong motivation to get cracking on the site, and it came to be complete in only about a week’s work time. It’s funny how projects are like that, and how life is like that really – that everything ends up boiling down to waiting for the perfect timing for the puzzle pieces to fall into place.

I absolutely love the look and feel of the Harmonic Visions website, with its strong Egyptian vibe. Check it out and learn more about Karyn Armstrong’s work and events at: HarmonicVisions.com

Amae Love

We just recently launched the site for AmaeLove.com – this site has been a serious under taking and a long time in the coming, months of work. Very happy to see it finally launched and activated. It’s really probably my prize jewel site from the last year of all the sites I’ve worked on. Really proud of this one. It’s truly gorgeous, and a totally professional artist site, which I’m hoping will help move Amae forward on her career as she deserves!

Concurrently, I’m also busy at work on her e-commerce site for her Jewelry & Clothing designs, which will be launched soon! Stay tuned.

Enjoy & Explore: AmaeLove.com

Co-Creative Healing

Last week we launched the brand new, completely overhauled and totally redesigned website for CoCreative Healing, the work of Stephanie Shrum. Stephanie is a LMT in Portland, Oregon, and her work is of an exceptional quality! She’s deeply intuitive and has over 10 years of a successful bodywork practice. Her testimonials are fantastic, and so it was with much pleasure that I finally met her in person this last weekend, and she gave me a taste of her work. She is indeed fantastic! She shifted so much in my body in ten minutes that I’ve felt completely better for the last few days, after a week solid of intense back pain. If I lived in Portland, she would be one of my main bodywork therapists – she is truly exceptional!!! And her new website is one of the most beautiful I’ve made in the last year, please go see for yourself!

Check out: CoCreativeHealing.com

Embodied Being v.5.0

I recently overhauled and remodeled my website, EmbodiedBeing.com – this new version of Embodied Being is completely focused on my therapeutic healing arts practice, which is basically waiting to be launched when I get my LMT license (which is coming very soon!) I’ve now had 5 different versions of Embodied Being, and this new version is extremely slimmed down and focused completely on therapeutic healing modalities, and I truly LOVE the feather & gold feel of this site, it feels very light and expansive.

Please explore my newly remodeled Embodied Being website, and schedule a therapeutic session with me as soon as I’m licensed!

See: EmbodiedBeing.com

Reclaiming Healing Arts

We recently completed and launched the website for Reclaiming Healing Arts – which is the Massage & Coaching business for Jamie Smith, an LMT up in Portland, OR. She’s focused on giving healing arts to Care-givers. If you’re in Portland, and are seeking an excellent local LMT to help you reclaim your Vibrancy and Healthy Body, give Jamie Smith a call.

Check out her new site! ReclaimingPDX.com

Krystaal Rain

I recently received a request to build a website for an old friend I’ve known for years, Krystaal Rain. When I first met her, she was a dreadlocked naked hippie goddess at the Rainbow Gatherings. Now she’s a dreadlocked, Makeup Goddess on YOUTUBE! Her youtube channel is exploding with amazingly creative, super wild and sultry videos – offering makeup tutorials. She’s a rising star on Youtube, and her videos are sizzling! She lives in Portland, and she’s also available to do makeup for photo shoots and other special events. Her inspiring, juicy montage of funky, creative, freaky, and super sexy Makeup Tutorial videos are definitely fun to watch, whether or not you want to learn how to apply the most creative eyeshadow possible!

Check out: KrystaalRain.com