Divine by Design | Clients
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Feedback from Clients

I wanted to tell you that I think the design of the website that you created for me is so much deeper than just a site for a business. It is like a spiritual call – and it vibrates to the most amazing patients I have ever had. These people tell me they LOVE my website, that the design speaks to them at such a deep level. I wanted you to know that I appreciate you and your work. Your design has literally caused my business to grow and attract such quality people. Your art is magic!!!

Rachel Fisher • Compassionate-Medicine.com

“Working with Sitka is a dream. She is both an inspired artist AND a technology geek. She gets it done at budget and on time and it always looks beautiful. I’ve worked with lots of artists and developers over the years to very mixed results. My search to find someone wonderful is over. Sitka is the one!”

Cynthia Salbato • VirtualPlanetMedia.com

“It was a joy working with Sitka. Her patience with all my needs and details was greatly appreciated. She has a special gift of creativity that adds the perfect amount of this and that to enhance any part of your site. She has great integrity, works hard and follows through. I also appreciated the wonderful environment we worked in along with many cups of delicious tea! Although I had to push hard for a few of the page layout stuff, she gave it a try and best shot which in most cases got me what I wanted! It always made me cheer. I will highly recommend Sitka to anyone and have told a few folks already. You rock sis.”

Yaffa Rosenthal • SacredTouchFoundation.com

“For months, I did a lot of research for website designers. At first, I was concerned about the un-set costs (charging by the hour). Some of the other designers I was looking at could give me a set fee and that felt more comforting. But, I kept on being drawn back to the beauty, creativity and aesthetics of Divine by Design.

I am so glad I took the leap to go with Sitka. Knowing that I would be paying her by the hour inspired me to do my own homework – getting my text, images and creative vision in order. She took my concepts and vision and was able to put them together in a way that only an impassioned-pixel-person can!

To my relief and surprise, the finished product actually came out within the cost range of some of the package-price guys, but with WAY better graphics and personalized attention. I also have hired Sitka afterwards for some WordPress tutoring. She has helped a non-tech person like me feel comfortable with managing and editing my own site. I highly recommend her work and look forward to seeing any new sites she makes… they just seem to get better every time.”

Stephanie Shrum • CoCreativeHealing.com

“As an artist with my own strong, creative vision, I am impressed with how successfully Sitka interpreted this. I am very happy with my new website! It’s not only beautiful and encompasses all that I’d hoped for, but it’s also a WordPress site that’s truly empowering for me; A site that I can continue to evolve with and update on my own. Thank you Sitka for spreading this form of empowerment to others!  Sitka has an intuitive way of “reading” people, so you can be assured of getting a site that speaks to your true essence. She is focused and fast, which makes her affordable, but also can be patient with the process if need be. She has that rare balance of being technically savvy and a creative visionary and I highly recommend her!!!!”

Keri Roberts • IpseityDesigns.com

“I knew i wanted to work with Sitka when I saw her stunning portfolio and the work she had done for friends. She made the design process seamless, providing guidance and support at every step of the way, and continues to be a source of support as things come up. I deeply appreciate sitka’s approach to design as true art, and her greater mission for soulful beauty in the world.”

Jamie Smith • ReclaimingPDX.com

“You did a fantastic job of deeply listening to my vision and created an aesthetic that reflected it. It’s beautiful. When you were on and available you gave your all to the project; dealt with all the roadblocks that came up and really dedicated yourself to creating something beautiful and functional.  The new site has already been beneficial and I haven’t even begun to take advantage of all the added utility in my new site.  There are so many things I love; the blog function, the event calendar, the facebook links. Sitka, you’re talented and you did great work for me. Thank you. I have already begun to recommend you to others and will continue to do so.”

Robyn Lynn • ThePresentSense.com