Divine by Design | Get Started
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What I Need From You to Get Started

    1. Getting Clear On What YOU WANT: Your Vision, what you’re wanting to Create
    2. Getting the Web-Hosting / Domain Name stuff – Please Get Your Web-Hosting through HostMonster : That will probably cost around $80 per year
    3. I need all the Web-Hosting Emails sent to you with info about the Control Panel & FTP
    4. Sit down and write out a SITE OUTLINE – Create a Hierarchy / Structure of your site, imagining main headers and sub-headers. Think in terms of how to organize your site, as I will most likely be using Drop-Down Menus.
    5. What is your COLOR SCHEME – what is your palette, what are the images you would like to use?
    6. Create your CONTENT – gather your writings, photographs, videos, links, EVERYTHING. Organize it into your Site Outline.
    7. Find the Template you’re most Magnetized Towards: On THEMEFOREST : That will probably cost around $30
    8. Write out a short Description (1 to 2 sentances long) describing your site. This will be used in the Meta tags for SEO.
    9. Write out 20 – 40 Keywords that you would like to be the words that people would find your site using a Search Engine.
    10. Find a Font for your Logo : MyFonts.com • FontSquirrel.com
    11. A general idea of what your budget & overall scope of project is…
    12. Less Is More.

What I Do

    • I listen to your big vision, try to hone in on what you want.
    • Try to get clear on your visual aesthetic / color scheme – and try to imagine into what it is you’re trying to create. (Really this is the hardest part!)
    • I take the Out-of-the-Box “Premium WordPress Theme” from Themeforest, and customize it and make it look Rad. I don’t work with PHP or do any web developing; my work is design, customizing the template, content organization, making it all look amazing. If you want to see a Before and After of a customized template, look at the template I used to make this website: Yin & Yang Template – Even though the templates out of the box reduce a huge amount of my work, I still have a lot of work to do in order to take it from a skeleton to a fully fleshed, fully realized, fully customized site.
    • I will work alongside you every step of the way, in close communication with you, in order to create (to the Best of my Abilities) what you want.
    • I will show you the work in progress and ask for your feedback and requests.
    • Help you deal with all the tech / geek stuff that doesn’t make any sense to you.
    • Will problem-solve & deal with technical glitches and issues as they arise.
    • I try to establish a working relationship of trust and positive communication throughout the creative project.

SEO / Google Ranking

This is not my area of expertise. I am an artist! I use the ‘All In One SEO Pack’ Plugin for WordPress, which does an effective job working with keywords & site descriptions for Google. But, if you want to hire a Google Ranking PRO Expert, please talk to Noelani Rodriguez, she’s got serious SEO Skills!!

Interested? Ready to Get Going? Contact Me!