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The Process

Setting Up a Website requires a fair amount of tedious, time intensive work – and as an Artist, the way I create websites requires Soulful Inspiration. As though the screen were my canvas, I paint using pixels to create an artistic expression of your Vision Essence.

I have discovered that my inspiration does not just come instantaneously. I have to grow ripe and pregnant with your website. Our spirits have to dance in the dreamtime and co-mingle over a period of time, in order for the energies to align to channel a creation that embodies the soul of your creativity.

If you are impatient – seeking a Fast & Immediate completion of your website Now, I suggest you learn how to breathe and have patience with the process. I have discovered that I don’t work fast until the energy is ripe and ready for each specific website project. Once the energy is ready and available, I spend hours every day obsessing over every little detail.. But I have to become pregnant with your vision, it has to grow like a seed within me until it’s ready to burst forth.

  1. We need to have an Initial Consultation.
  2. We need to Get Clear On What YOU WANT: Your Vision, Scope of Project, Purpose of Your Site & Functionalities You Need.
  3. We need to dial in the Web-Hosting / Domain Name stuff – Please Get Your Web-Hosting through HostMonster : That will probably cost around $80 per year
  4. I need your Control Panel, Web Hosting & FTP Login Info & Passwords.
  5. I need your SITE OUTLINE – Create a Hierarchy / Structure of your site, imagining main headers and sub-headers. Think in terms of how to organize your site, as I will most likely be using Drop-Down Menus.
  6. What is your COLOR SCHEME – what is your palette, what are the images you would like to use?
  7. Create your CONTENT – gather your writings, photographs, videos, links, EVERYTHING. Organize it into your Site Outline.
  8. Find the Template you’re most Magnetized Towards: On THEMEFOREST : That will probably cost around $40
  9. Write out a short Description (1 to 2 sentances long) describing your site. This will be used in the Meta tags for SEO.
  10. Write out 20 – 40 Keywords that you would like to be the words that people would find your site using a Search Engine.
  11. Find a Font for your Logo : •
  12. I need a Deposit from you to put you into my Website Project Queue.
  • I listen to your big vision, try to hone in on what you want.
  • Try to get clear on your visual aesthetic / color scheme – and try to imagine into what it is you’re trying to create. (Really this is the hardest part!)
  • I take the Out-of-the-Box “Premium WordPress Theme” from Themeforest, and customize it and make it look Rad. I don’t work with PHP or do any web developing; my work is design, customizing the template, content organization, making it all look amazing.
  • I will work alongside you every step of the way, in close communication with you, in order to create (to the Best of my Abilities) what you want.
  • I will show you the work in progress and ask for your feedback and requests.
  • Help you deal with all the tech / geek stuff that doesn’t make any sense to you.
  • Will problem-solve & deal with technical glitches and issues as they arise.
  • I try to establish a working relationship of trust and positive communication throughout the creative project.
All Work is Based at an Hourly Rate of $60 / Hour 

To Get More Details About Rates – Click Here

An Initial Consultation is FREE to begin the dialogue on your Website Project.

The rate for the Essential Site Package is not a flat rate, but an estimate. Most website projects, based upon the hourly rate, will range between $1200-1800+

To Begin: We need to Have A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION + Plus an Initial Deposit to secure your project in my Work Queue.

To Get More Details About Rates – Click Here

This is not my area of expertise. I am an artist! I use the ‘All In One SEO Pack’ Plugin for WordPress, which does an effective job working with keywords & site descriptions for Google. But, if you want to hire a Google Ranking PRO Expert, please talk to Noelani Rodriguez, she’s got serious SEO Skills!!

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