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I work with holistic entrepeneurs & artists who have a taste for beauty, a taste for creativity and clean, expressive aesthetic.

You want your website to convey a glimpse of your beauty and authenticity. You are soulful and confidant about your offerings to the world, and want high quality, beautiful graphic design and a gorgeous website to present your work to the world.

My favorite clients are those who know what they want and are focused on polished, clear content and beauty.

The Process

  1. We need to have an Initial Consultation.
  2. We need to Get Clear On What YOU WANT: Your Vision, Scope of Project, Purpose of Your Site & Functionalities You Need.
  3. We need to dial in the Web-Hosting / Domain Name stuff
  4. I need your Control Panel, Web Hosting & FTP Login Info & Passwords.
  5. I need your SITE OUTLINE – Create a Hierarchy / Structure of your site, imagining main headers and sub-headers. Think in terms of how to organize your site, as I will most likely be using Drop-Down Menus.
  6. What is your COLOR SCHEME – what is your palette, what are the images you would like to use?
  7. Create your CONTENT – gather your writings, photographs, videos, links, EVERYTHING. Organize it into your Site Outline.
  8. Write out a short Description (1 to 2 sentances long) describing your site. This will be used in the Meta tags for SEO.
  9. Write out 20 – 40 Keywords that you would like to be the words that people would find your site using a Search Engine.
  10. I need a Deposit from you to put you into my Website Project Queue.


All Work is Based at an Hourly Rate of $60 / Hour 

Print Design & Mailchimp Newsletter Design Projects: $60 / Hour
Sometimes I will agree to a Flat Rate, depending on the scope of the project.

Website Projects are generally a Flat Rate of $1500, depending on the scope of the project & the amount of hours.
Website Deposits are generally One Third of the Project, must be paid in advance & are non-refundable, should you decide to change your mind.

Website Content Management & Mailchimp Newsletter Content Management: $50 / Hour

An Initial Consultation is FREE to begin the dialogue on your Website Project.

To Begin: We need to Have A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION + Plus an Initial Deposit to secure your project in my Work Queue.

To Get More Details About Rates – Click Here